The Secret to Make Your Business Truly Stand Out and DOMINATE 
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The single most powerful, yet least known, marketing tool available to business owners today!

This is the Underground Secret to making MASSIVE Profits in YOUR Business, even in the most Harsh Economic Times.
It has become harder than ever before for a business to get noticed. Online and offline marketing in your industry is saturated. This book shows you exactly how to get noticed & become the go-to authority and in doing so, you will stand well out from any and all competition!

Once noticed, lack of trust is the biggest barrier to someone purchasing from you. This same technique that will gain attention for you, will build immense trust in your potential customer or client and have them come seek you out, already predisposed to buy from you.

This is the single greatest strategy available, used by some of the biggest names in business but now being used incredibly successfully by business owners just like YOU, in EVERY industry!

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In This Book You Will Discover...

  • ​The Breakthrough Strategy that positions you as No. 1 in your industry
  • ​The 5 Golden Rules to Authority & Influencer Marketing and how to use it
  • 3 ​Powerful tips to increasing your profits without wasting money on advertising
  • How to get $100,000s of dollars in FREE Media and PR for your business
  • ​How to have eager customers coming to you and willing to pay more
  • ​How to grow your brand and give you more time and money, whilst making your competition irrelevant
  • ​The Game Behind the Game – how to take your current business to a whole new level
  • and so much more...
You Information is 100% Secure and Will NEVER Be Shared With Anyone.
About The Author
Andrew Carter is a Professional Pilot, Entrepreneur, Author, Business Mentor, Philanthropist, Public Speaker, and CEO of the award-winning Global Publishing Group. He has run three highly successful businesses and founded two Not For Profit organisations. He is a business leader acknowledged for his strategic and marketing intellect and is a recognised authority on aviation, leadership, decision making and business turnaround.

After selling his first business, Andrew started teaching his business success principles to other business owners through his books and personal mentoring, making improvements of literally hundreds of thousands of dollars to their bottom line profits every year. He then took the audacious step of creating the most unique aviation museum in the country which attracted visitors from around the world.

His unique strategies, systems, publishing and marketing tools for wealth creation are empowering thousands around the world to improve their lives. He is using seminars and workshops to educate and inspire others.

Through his consulting, not for profit entities, books, publishing and business education companies, Andrew has wowed and transformed the lives and businesses of people from all walks of life, including thought leaders, business CEOs, retailers, entrepreneurs and authors.

Andrew has lived and worked all around Australia, in Papua New Guinea, Nauru and Ireland and now resides in Brisbane.

You can find out more about him and the other books he has written at 
Some Business Owners who took their business to an entirely new level just by applying the technique covered in this book 
 This one strategy is what I used to build my entire business empire. 
- Konrad Bobilak, Investors Prime Real Estate – VIC

An incredible marketing tool that allowed me to make tens of thousands of dollars BEFORE it was even created.
- Sharon Jurd, SJ Events, Coaching, Awards, and Director of Hyrdokleen franchising – QLD

Using this one simple marketing tool meant my business stood out from all of my competitors.
- Jason Urbanowicz, Director of Create PT (Personal Trainer) Wealth – QLD

Using the strategy shown in this book, I took half a day to create the marketing tool that has since generated almost $600,000!
- Ian Marsh, serial Entrepreneur and business coach - QLD

If you are serious and passionate about what you do and you want to reach the largest amount of people and help them, I recommend this. I was guided the entire way. 
- Jacqueline Coates, Artist and Art Tutor - SA

The system, the process, is just priceless. It gave me confidence. The authority and prestige this has given me has opened so many doors, allowed me to travel overseas and meet and work with celebrities.
- Suzzane McTier-Brown, International NLP coach of the year 2022 - QLD

Used this to build and grow the credibility and brand around the Country. Generated massive Free media exposure giving us opportunities that we could never have bought. Absolutely a triumph in terms of a commercial strategy.
- Jason Smith, Founder of Back In Motion Health Group - VIC

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